by Nancy Kriseman 

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Publisher: Health Professions Press

208 pages

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​The Caring Spirit 

The Caring Spirit Approach to Eldercare provides a different way to think about culture change in long-term care. While most culture change efforts target the physical environment and internal systems in long-term care communities, the Caring Spirit™ approach recognizes that valuing and nurturing relationships between staff and residents is critical to person-centered care—and that families need to be partners in the process too. 

Presented as a training program with 10 professional and 4 family training modules, the activities and instruction presented in this easy-to-follow guide will empower all caregivers by providing the support, guidance, and attention they need to succeed. Participants learn the importance of:

  • Relationships built on compassion, respect, and trust
  • Pride in and commitment to the process of care giving and receiving
  • Positive self-awareness and self-care
  • More meaningful ways to communicate with one another
  • Care practices that are spiritually renewing rather than depleting and demoralizing

Reap the rewards of reduced costs and improved quality of care from this easily affordable investment in your human resources. Witness what research has already proven: that staff retention and positive care outcomes for residents are directly linked to how staff are valued. If culture change is truly your passion and goal, then The Caring Spirit Approach to Eldercare is a

"must have" training program for your community